Top Reasons for Shipping Delay

Some of our store products require 30-45 days to deliver to your address. We understand that it sounds very frustrating and you want to receive your goods as quickly as possible.

But the current situation doesn't permit us to meet the quick shipping time, no matter how hard we try. 

Here are some of the top reasons for the delay in shipping: 

  • COVID 19 Effect:

We all know how hard it has been for the last couple of months. There were hardly a few cargo carrier who could carry large volume goods. 

But now that the countries are starting to open, airlines are coming back to operation slowly. But it's still very scarce compared to amount of goods that need to be shipped. 

So we had to wait in the long queue just to reserve e spot in the airlines. 

  • US- China trade war:

 As you know trump administration is continuously imposing new tariff and restrictions on importing goods from China, the cost of shipping went high sharply. 

We largely depend on passenger airlines to carry goods from China to USA. This allow us to keep the cost minimal for you.

But if at any point, this gets shut down, we have no other choice but to find an alternate route. This means added cost and delay in shipping.


  • Protest in USA:

A severe protest is going on in solidarity of George Floyd across different cities of USA. While it is peaceful in many areas but turned violent in a lot of cases. 

Our delivery trucks were blocked in many areas and had to wait there for hours. This means we could not deliver most of the goods in time. 


  • Nature of Our Goods:

Some of our products involve electrical magnets, batteries etc. The package itself become too heavy some time ( if you order multiple items)

These type of goods require special handling and not call carriers accept such goods. 

So it becomes even more difficult to ship the product in time.


  • Our Promise

We highly value your time and it's always our top priority to serve you better. So we are taking actions like holding goods in USA in advance, finding quicker shipping channel etc.

Even though you don't see the logistical issues at the back end but please be assured that we are working extremely hard to deliver the goods as quickly as we can.

We hope you'll put your faith on us and allow us to serve you as a distinguished customer.