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Love Letter Envelope Necklace

Love Letter Envelope Necklace

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Envelope Design

Gentlemen, listen up! If you're trying to win the heart of that special lady in your life, then look no further than the love envelope necklace.

Just flip it open and boom, she'll be smitten by the "love you" message etched on the writing paper inside.

And let's be real, who doesn't love a good piece of locket jewelry? It's the ultimate combination of fashion and romance.

Plus, it's like carrying around a love letter wherever you go.

So don't hesitate, surprise your significant other with the gift of eternal love in the form of a promise envelope necklace. It's a decision you won't regret (or at least that's what we're hoping for).

Designed to Last 

Are you tired of constantly dealing with pesky jewelry allergies? Well, fear not!

The Love Letter Envelope Necklace is here to save the day (or at least your sensitive skin).

Made from premium Titanium steel, this bad boy is certified allergy-free.

That means you can wear it all year round and style it however you please without any irritation.

So go ahead, rock that envelope necklace with confidence. Your itchy neck (and the person you gift it to) will thank you.

Suits Any Occasions

If you are struggling to find the perfect accessory for any and every occasion, this envelop necklace is here to save the day (or at least add some sparkle to it).

Whether you're headed to a wedding, party, birthday bash, or just out and about in everyday life, this necklace has got you covered.

And the best part? It goes with just about any outfit.

Throw it on over a t-shirt or dress it up with a fancy frock, the envelop necklace is guaranteed to be a perfect match.

Add it to your accessory arsenal and never worry about a fashion faux pas again.

Packed with Premium Box

Are you tired of wrapping your presents in the same ol' boring paper? Well, have we got a solution for you.

Our unique gift package comes complete with a premium box. 🎁

That's right, now you can impress your friends and family with not only what's inside, but the fancy packaging it comes in.

They'll be wondering how you managed to snag such a swanky box.  

Upgrade your gift-giving game and add a little extra oomph to your presents with our premium boxes. 

Your loved ones (and their Instagram followers) will thank you...or at least pretend to be grateful while they secretly judge your wrapping skills.

Best Valentine Day Gift 

For Her
Surprise her with a gift she can't say no to!


For Mother
A great way to show love to your mom!

For Friend
Show your friends how much you care about them


For Sister
Give her this gift, as a symbol of your unconditional love.


Key Specifications: 

  • Material: Titanium steel
  • In the box: 1 Message Pendant with Chain 
  • Envelope size: 20*15mm
  • Chain Dimensions: 20″(50 cm) chain with 2″(5 cm) extension. Lobster clasp. 
  • Gift box included


  • Wipe it gently with a dry cloth after every use to increase its longevity.
  • Store the product in a ziplock to avoid any damage
  • Keep it in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid bringing it in contact with direct spray of perfume and soap water.

Designed as Desired Size 


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, for a limited time only, we are offering FREE shipping worldwide!

How do I power the lamp?

Unlike conventional lamps, the Fairy Light Spirit Tree is powered by a universal USB cable (included) or 3 x AA batteries (not included), giving it a neat and tidy appearance with no restrictions.

How tall is the Fairy Light Spirit Tree?

The Fairy Light Spirit Tree is 18" tall.

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